Saturday, May 3, 2008

My T-shirt Project

Quotation shirts or statement shirts are back to the mainstream again, and I share this great interest in these stuffs. Many cute shirts are out in the market now, but I want to wear those one of a kind shirts which is not mass-produced. Here are some of my well-valued possessions that sometimes causes me to be a scene-stealer ( waahh feeling), but seriously, people cant help but pay an interest in these shirts and I am so liking it.


Anonymous said...

the "sumpong" shirt is a total stone winner :D

acey said...

nice, unique shirts!

Kris Canimo said...

ang mahal naman kasi ng iron on transfer paper eh.

ui na add na kita sa links ko :D
bka naman... lol

chase / chubz said...

i love the sesame street shirt.. i love big bird. heehheh.
big bird.. get it.. big bird. hahaha

the menace said...

@ daniel jr. : yes sir! favorite ku yan eh

@ acey : geezz thanks!

@ kris canimo : sige add din kita, ayan na add na kita. real tym noh

@ chase/ chubz : sir i will pretend like i didnt get the "bird" thingie. hahah

B E N C H said...

wahahaha, pahingi naman t-shirt, are we of the same size?