Friday, May 9, 2008

Laiya Experience Full Throttle

As promised, let’s go full-throttle now on the story behind our Laiya, Batangas escapade. To start with, it was quite a discovery that traffic jam can also exist in suburbs like Lipa. Man, it was really a slow ride passing Lipa. It took us 4 or maybe 5 hours to get to our destination from Manila. The weather was a little too unwelcoming that day and we really thought that we will soak while the rain is pouring. Luckily, when we got to the beach, the weather was calm and it was just in time for dinner. After the festive meal fore fronted by pork sinigang, we decide to finally dip in the water. Another sad thing came into its being- it was damn freaking’ low tide! Oh well there’s no stopping us from swimming so we still managed to feel the very soothing temperature of the water. Sky was also filled with stars that time, so it was really a fun night swimming. Right after the dark swimming spree, booze now came into play and I was so drunk that night. I passed out at around 1Am after so many glasses of brandy (which I was not so accustomed to drinking) and 5 songs in Magic Sing. My room mates recorded my super loud snore which is actually into its highest power level whenever I get drunk. I can remember sending silly messages to some friends and yeah I think some took it seriously. The morning after, my head was like an empty nut shell loaded with migraine fluids. It was so painful. Bad headache usually weakens me, but it did not stop me from enjoying the beach. I even skipped breakfast and head on to the very nice beach of Laiya. After some hours of soaking and swimming g, we decide to take the kayak and go around the island to see other resorts. I saw a lot of jumping groups of fish and sea snakes. We even helped this old lady vendor to cross one islet to another; whoa! The menace is a Good Samaritan! In return, she gave us some delicious sweets. We then head back to our house and entered the dining area for a sumptuous lunch. After the hearty meal, we prepared our things, posed for last clicks then head back to Manila.

It was a short vacation but sure it was loaded with memories and laughs that were good as memoirs of the Alchemy Family summer twenty -08. As a parting segment, let me share to you some interesting photos we took in the beach. Enjoy!


ELEY said...

can't wait for your next out of town review! nice! laiya indeed live up to its ranking as the 5th most beautiful beach in the country..

Anonymous said...

Ive been to laiya twice, october last year and april this 2008 lang.. :D

B E N C H said...

oo nga naman, go in groups.. sabi naman NO VENDOR not NO VENDORS eh.. hehe.. :)