Sunday, May 11, 2008


I hope to visit the church today. It has been long since I last went to church. It’s like having an incomplete week every time I miss a mass. Today, it feels like the right time to clean out the clutter. This is a great time to start looking around and see the things or even people and start labeling them according to their worth. I know it s unfair to measure relationships. It is also unfair for me to keep people or things that drag me down. Today, I shall look at my things and return things that are borrowed. Today, I shall look up my phone book and remove names that should have been deleted long before this day. Today, I shall look at my friendster and remove people that only remind bad and sad memories. Today, I shall send messages to people that really matter. Today I shall recognize things that are worth keeping. I have been dwelling into aspiring things that I can’t have. It has been a long duration of frustration and stress. The year went in with coupling joy and emotional battle for me. A lot of people went it but took a fast exit. Like my father who only spent a few days with us. There goes the thought of wishing to hold on to things or people that need to go but are too special for you to let them.
Today, I shall learn to find worth in me again. Today, I shall reconcile with the substance I lost because of that one person. Today, I shall never beg for goodness. Today, shall start giving myself a definition.


B E N C H said...

strong determination.. were you able to do it? i mean, delete some people from your phonebook and friendster, especially those with bad memories?