Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Laiya Experience

And here we go! After our uberly fun escapades at Laiya, Batangas here I am with the excitement of sharing to you the photos that shall speak just how much fun we had. The sun may be too kissing that day but we just ignored it and now we all have our sun-kissed skin to flaunt with. Ha Ha Ha, oh well I only got it on my face so I look really weird now.
Anyhow, The full details about our short short vacation, shall be published tomorrow, because Im still to lazy to compose my thoughts. Besides, I have photos to browse pa.



enjoy the remaining days of summer! inggit ako..

ELEY said...

hay sana may part 2.. long live alchemy!

B E N C H said...

waaah... i wanna go to the beach... :(