Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cubao Jeepneys

So here we are with a nostalgic story again. Back in college, I used to take the Cubao route to go to the university and back home. I always take the jeepney from EDSA to Sta. Mesa. Now, let me describe to you these jeepneys- They are relatively spacious; Colorful; Packed with college students; pumping with loud contemporary and rock music; and above all they are super speedy. Private vehicles tagged them as the king of the road. Even big buses can sometimes take a distance away from them. They literary take a swing in free roads. These jeepneys possess the real talent of avoiding traffic areas. They can swiftly take you in your destination in no time. But, you have to make sure that your heart is in good condition. I remember this one time when me and April went to transfer in another jeep because it is like a killer machine. The old lady in there actually reminded the driver from that jeep to always think that he is transporting lives and not dead meats.
Oh, did I mention that these jeepneys are called as Patok jeepneys? Actually, any transportation which runs fast now is being tagged as patok! Its like a by-line. So, if you feel like going a little adventurous, try riding these jeepneys and have a roller coaster ride in Aurora Ave. Ha Ha ha


B E N C H said...

well, thank God i never had the chance to take a jeepney ride during my entire life, pero i wanna try it naman, maybe the shorter and safer routes..