Monday, May 5, 2008

Brian Gorell @ iblog 4 Summit

Alright, I have to admit that this article is little too late, but I really did plan on having a special post on Brian Gorell’s participation on the Philippine Blog Summit recently held at UP Diliman. I have to say that there was really nothing special about his video. He was situated in his pond, with a not-so well angled camera and with mosquitoes feeding on his Australian skin. He discussed how he started blogging and his primary aim in doing his page- that is to send big bos to the people who have done him wrong ( Oh well, that is how he presented them in his blog) According to Brian, there are a lot of stress in blogging; from comments to the daily updates and all of the things that are accorded to the blog. This is quite a nuisance for me, because I primarily consider blogging as a therapy and an outlet of releasing things which can actually cause stress. Anyhow, I know a lot of bloggers are experiencing this co called “WWW stress” especially if you are the kind of blogger who spends more than half of the day in drooling and rambling at your blog and maybe dropping by at other people’s site.

What I like about Brian’s video is the candid and unedited presentation that made it entertaining and okay, informative. I am actually quite impressed on how his blog captured so many followers. I guess gossip really sells here in our country.


joyfulchicken said...

I have no sympathy for people who whine about being stressed out by blogging. They can always stop, right?

the menace said...


i share same thought man, oh i mean

chicks ( but ur essentially human ryt? oh no now im confused)

chase / chubz said...

team brian. hehehe.. i like it.
i wish i could attend activities like this. huhuhuhu

B E N C H said...

i read his blog.. :) it's interesting how these blogs "change" people's lives..