Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Richest Senator

Amidst the issues of having a rough economy and soaring prices of commodities, here I am telling you about the richest senators we have here on the earthly Pinoy planet. Well, Senate President Manny Villar leads the list while the infamous Magdalo leader, Trillanes was named the poorest among the 23 millionaire( err, billionaire for Sen. Villar) senators. Here now is the complete list of the richest Pinoy senators as presented by Philippines Star in the Main Section dated may 20, 2008.

1 Senate President Manuel Villar Jr. With P 1, 041,383,946 from last year’s P 921.4 M.
2 Jamby Madrigal with P 146,483,524 from 148.9 M
3 Ramon “Bong” Revilla with P 117.968 M from P 107M
4 Manuel Roxas ll with P110.634 M from 140.3 M
5 Juan Ponce Enrile with P 98,840,037 which is almost the same from last year’s.
6 Mirriam Defensor- Santiago with P89, 386,749 from P76 M.
7 Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada with P 83, 154,561.78 from P83M.
8 Pia Cayetano with P76.397M from P76.2M
9 Loren Legarda with P45,990.565 from P41.4M
10 Edgardo Angara with P44,104,977.47 from P 41M
11 Rodolfo Biazon with P28.192M from P27.4M
12 Panfilo Lacson with P27.280M from P25.8M
13 Richard Gordon with P 26,521,834 from P25.6M
14 Juan Miguel Zubiri with P22.859M from P43.3M
15 Francis Pangilinan with P12.978M from P15.4 M
16 Gregorio Honasan with P12.154M from P12M
17 Lito Lapid with P12. 095 from P 11.6
18 Minority Leader Aquilito Pimentel Jr. with P11.533,496 from P10.3M
19 Joker Arroyo with P11.05M from P11M
20 Allan Peter Cayetano from P16.238M from P16M
21 Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino lll P13.94 from P13.3M
22 Francis Joseph Escudero with P7.469M from P7.4M
23 Antonio Trillanes with P22.859M from P43.3M

We shall take note now that An ordinary Philippine government senator earns P40,425 a month. Most of our current senators came from a well-moneyed clan or a celebrity blood-line. Now, how they grew these amounts of money is something that we somehow have a clue about. Yeah, once again I'll leave this ending hanging right here. (yeah with this period)


Dean said...

which of these senators acquired their wealth illegally? Hmmm. ^_~

Diablo said...

some's assets are questionable. lol

B E N C H said...

I wish I can have even just a tenth of Villar's money.. :)