Monday, May 12, 2008

Mama at Trinoma

Here we go again with an untimely post. It was Mother’s day yesterday right? So this post is dedicated to all the mothers out there. Not to take sides, but I really feel like I’m more of a “mama person”. Maybe it’s because I practically grew up with my Tatay working abroad. Mothers for me are always special. In a conventional Filipino home, they serve as the shock and stress sponge of the daily dilemmas and thrills of their children’s’ lives. Mind you, but they toil this task in a daily basis. People who know me are aware of how important my mom is to me. I have seen her devotion to us in giving out efforts just to make sure that we are okay. Now, I’m not a perfect son; but never did I lose my respect for my mother. So to celebrate Mother’s day, I brought my mama to Trinoma. We had a salon bonding there that took more than an hour. We went straight to have dinner, and then went to the Trinoma garden. It was quite full of people that day and mama was already tired. We went hope and cup off the night with an awesome bus ride!
It was a simple celebration, but it felt genuinely good and special. To think that my mom has four children and she spent her mama day with me. Oh diba? Ya-bang!


Anonymous said...

i wish i celebrated Mom's Day with my mom. :(

B E N C H said...

this is sweet.. i wish i could do the same, but i'm happy that our family celebrated mother's day dinner in shangri-la :)