Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bye again 'tay

After 40 days of vacation, my father is set to go back again in the foreign land where he works. Sad as it may seem but we have to let him do this knowing that this will be the last time he will be away. Yes, the good thing is this is the last two-year contract he has and he’s good to retire. I know my father to be always hard-working and industrious. When his at home; he is always busy fixing thing around the house. He is very creative and I am always amazed every time he creates improvements in our house.

Forty days is too short but I would like to think that we made the most of our time with him. I would always pray that he will be safe. Another two years and we’ll have him back here for good.

I just hope that he will consider quitting cigarettes.


danieljr said...

ako din, my father is working abroad, he's in london and syempre miss na miss din namin sya.. saludo ako sa mga tatay natin.. :D

chase / chubz said...

which part of the world is your daddy working?
gud luck tay! ingat ka lagi ha


2 things..

I hated it before, everytime mum or Dad goes abroad to work (as well)

and I hope dad will quit smoking (as well)

B E N C H said...

which country is your dad in? what does he do?