Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Wowowee Crowd

Last iblog 4 summit, one term came out to describe the new “JOLOGS” which is the Wowowee crowd. This program as we all know has been too controversial, and this sparked up its entry to popularity. Not just local households are glued to the program, but TFC subscribers around the globe as well. It has been also circulating around ratings fair, that Wowowee is slowly eating up its competition (the legendary Eat Bulaga) as it continuously gain popularity as it crosses the borders of local entertainment by staging live shows in foreign lands to reach overseas Filipino workers. Now, how did we come up with this so-called “Wowowee crowd” or “Wowowee market”? We all know that Filipino by-lines are created by having strong amplifications and noise. Being a noontime show, Wowowee has the most potent access in linking with stay at home moms because it is really the wee hours for them. If you have had the chance to watch the show one time, you would notice that it is so full of energy and the spontaneity is just natural. Prizes are given here and there and the contestants are just participative. Like Game ka na ba? , Wowowee also has these live viewers that are all-out in doing their share of dance moves every time they are prompted to do so. The show is also known to making hit dance steps and making Willie’s album a hot pancake. (that lacks the margarine)

Another significant element of the program is the spice that the hosts add. No week will pass without intrigues about them, making the show louder and much talked about. Talk about the main host, Willie Revillame- I never really liked him, and I never felt truth and sincerity in his personality. I always feel like there’s a negative factor in him every time he does the hosting and talking. He is too superficial and always talks in superlative. Oh well, he’s charisma is undeniable, but I utterly wont buy it.


Anonymous said...

ako enjoy ako sa wowowee, kahit sabihin cheap siya.

sa wowowee lang ako napapatawa ng malakas, at mamaya iyak naman.

weird but true.