Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm bloody scared.

A stainless handle of a broom was screwed open and I used it without noticing the sharp ends. Then a crashing sensation in the skin came into being. Blood came out. My eyes seeing the blood and my cheeks turned gray. This is my own blood I’m seeing right now. My skin was cut open and my blood is spilling out. I don’t know what to do until my officemate came to my rescue. (My officemate is a girl, so yeah I’m so embarrassed) She cleaned the wound and wrapped it around. She was so discreet about how I look so gay that time. Imagine, I was knocked out by a small bleeding cut? Imagine being rescued by a girl officemate? Darn Darn.

Okay, this is the time to admit it. I am a chicken when I see blood. I automatically turn into a tiny child whenever I see an open wound. I cant stand to watch movies or TV programs with flashing bloods and cutting flesh swords. Even words or stories of bloody scenes can be very photographic to me. I am afraid of blood. I’m not yet sure if it’s a phobia but it really weakens me when I see blood. It takes me out of my senses. Next time you want to really scare me off, be equipped with your dagger and blood up yourself. Ha Ha Ha. But, you know, without any joke, Im so damn scared of blood.

Now to give some light to fellow blood-scared guys (or girls) like me, the phobia is called hemophobia. (and not homophobia:) )To better understand this high sounding word, here’s a little research I got from

Fear of blood: An abnormal and persistent fear of blood. Sufferers of this very common phobia dread the sight of their own blood, the sight of the blood of another person or an animal, and sometimes printed or filmed images of blood or even thoughts of blood. Blood may remind them of their own vulnerability to injury and of the eventuality of death.

Some sufferers of hemophobia experience an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Other sufferers experience an atypical phobic reaction characterized by a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, causing paleness and weakness. They may even faint. Those with the latter reaction may develop a new fear: the fear of fainting.

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Anonymous said...

oooh. If have that thing, I dont know if ill be able to get though what Ill be in the future.. pyutur nars kasi ako e. haha, so ang dameng blad inbolb, hahah