Friday, May 16, 2008

David squared


My prediction just came to life. David Archuleta and David Cook are the two Idol finalists who will battle it out in the Kodak Theater next Idol week. It did not come so surprising really because they both stole the scene early since the audition period. Now, it’s the question of who will reign supreme? - The Man diva or the rock star? David A has the voice to reckon with while David C possesses the versatility and stage expertise. It came so evident that David A always led the vote’s game, so my bet is on David Archuleta though I find David Cook more talented. Choosing the top 2 generated 56 million votes all over America, so we could just imagine how far it can progress now that the voting will decide who the new idol is. Now taking our attention back to the Philippine shore (or maybe, still a little connected to US) Charice Pempengco’s performance on Oprah is now available in Youtube. I was so mixed up with all emotions of fascinations seeing her perform on the stage of Oprah. It’s just too big for me to realize the reality of seeing a Pinoy conquering a very influential TV program worldwide. Pinoys just dream of being in the studio to watch but being a guest to showcase your talent is a real Oprah weight of honor. Now, to really go back to the local shores, Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby dropped their case against Lolit Solis after Solis retracted her accusations of the two as gay couple. Hmmm, Sam and Piolo once again proved that they really don’t like each other, oh I mean that they are indeed straight guys.

Ha Ha Ha.


Javi said...

Hello there Mr. Menace, nice to know that you are really getting into your blogging stuff these days.

Anyway, I'm a closet fan of David Cook and I do believe he's going to win this season's Idol competition.

Keep blogging!


the menace said...

a closet fan? hahahah that's interesting.

shaula0pink said...

it's most certainly obvious that the two davids will battle head to head of the game.. though it's really hard to predict who'll win in this season. I bet its Archuleta but I'm hoping its Cook. (he's far more talented)

B E N C H said...

why don't you put up a poll.. David A VS David C :)..
a lot of my friends are betting for David Cook though..