Friday, February 15, 2008

"Photo Field" hit 02

Here now is the second installation of the photos I took during my college photography class. Take note again that these are all un-retouched and not manipulated in any way.

The Skeleton House
"I like the effect of natural sunlight here."
From a Child's Sight.
" This is one of my favorites. This shot was taken inside our university. Its sad that this boy looks hungry."

The Veterans Game
" Hmmm I know what you're thinking, good subject, bad framing. I know, i know."

The last installation of this photo edition will be posted soon!
And as for me, Im still saving for that hot Digital SLR I am so long aiming for.


RJ said...

you take good pictures..i wish i could take more pictures like you do

the menace said...

wow, thanks for the compliment. Its possible, all we need is inspiration and the right tool. heheh. Im speaking like im a pro here. but no im not.=)

Earvin said...

Ang ganda Kuya!

the menace said...

heheh thanks bro. mas magaganda photos mo pa rin

XanFactor said...

maganda yung "from a child sight"

yung isa, the veteran's game" magandang magandang shot sana...