Friday, February 22, 2008

<-face to face->

She looks like him:

And he looks like her:

Ok, forgive me for the poor photos that made the comparison a little unseen. But, their physical resemblance are being talked about all over the American Idol kingdom. I really find it oblivious. Well, I think this can help Colton Berry of American Idol Season 7 gain a little "buzz" by being "physically" attached to Ellen Degeneres.

Whoah, talk about some natural strategy.


the menace said...

oh my did this post just placed a jinx on colton's idol journey?
never was that my intention...=)

Zang Caesar said...

sama mo na rin si Rupert Grint dito. hehe

btw, i tagged you na naman.

the menace said...

yeahh i thought of that one too.hahah