Friday, February 29, 2008

A Church Story

Last Sunday’s church was a bit oblivious. Not so many people attended the mass. Unlike Sundays in the past where people will occupy even the church exteriors just to attend the mass. Oh well, I may not be too credible to spill out this kind of observation because I, myself have been missing out on mass for the past months. Okay, okay, don’t throw anymore hate stares- I admit it! I’m a delinquent Catholic. But, please, let us not drool into comparing religions or our character attached to it.
Last Sunday was really good. I am particularly looking forward to the choir performance every mass. I don’t know, there’s this calmness every time I hear Gospel songs. It’s rejuvenating and it tells you that everything will be fine amidst the uncertainty. The homily was also good. It talked about how people will never be contented.
I was moved by this story, and please let me share it with you—
A rich man saw a fisherman resting in his boat one early afternoon. The rich man asked “why are you sleeping if you can catch some more fish? It’s still early…” then the fisherman answered with another question “then what will I do if I catch some more fish?” the rich man said “then you can buy a bigger boat to earn more.” The fisherman answered with another question “and what will I do if I earn more?” the rich man said “then you can buy a house, a car and other properties.” The fisherman said “what will I do when I have all those properties?” the rich man said “Then you can just sit back and rest” The fisherman answered “What do you think am I doing now?”
Now, I am looking forward to next Sunday, to see if there will be an increase in the number of people going to the mass, and to hear another great homily of course.


Qoutes said...

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to listening to the church choir as well. gospel songs move me, especially 'Lead Me Lord".