Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Man Crotch

Men and women have crotch. But, we have to admit that Man crotch is most dominant and
prominent that it has become a usual fun stuff to talk about or even an eye-popping site for some. Ok, for some of you who pretend not to know this subject (bastards!) this is that erogenous part of us people in the pants area specifically the zipper part. This can be flat and for some reason (that i dont want to divulge about)this can be 'bulgy' too. Man crotch is particularly on the mainstream now because of the outward trend of skinny jeans among men. They say, that it is really meant to make the man crotch enter the lime light. Some of those gay people say that its their moment of heaven to see a prominent or maybe a 'bulgy ' one. ( a laugh with respect for this)

Local papers are saying that these guys in the photo bagged a high-rating show because of their interesting man crotch. And also, they say that pink people are their massive market (again, a laugh with respect here)

whoah! we can all see what I mean right? Its a little 'photographic'

Now, this post is specially special for the Prostate Cancer Awareness month which is intended for last month. But, forgive me for a little little delay. Filipinos have this high vulnerability rate of the disease. It is actually one of the most common reason of death rate among Filipino men. So just like the tex message that I received, "Makisalat" which just goes out to say that we should all be careful. It does not really matter if your crotch is interesting or not, bulgy or flat, impressive or not. Man crotch is a jeweled tool for the future of mankind so live with it in a responsible way.

Now, one good way of taking care of your crotch is to forget being a jerk to girls or you'll end up getting this.

Aray talaga.


val said...

OHH! Yes indeed, very interesting topic..hmmm I think women prefer to look at men's crotches when they're standing hihi** I do it so ocassionally, I can't even remember the last guy I "checked out" although it is usually a very quick glance rather than a stare. =)**(hahaha) pero that's true naman tlg e, women do look at men's crotch tlg but it doesn't mean they are hunting for bulge all day..hehe =) now don't panic!** thinking that all women you cross on the street will be noticing your (lam m na) its normal =)

val said...

kaya cgro mataas nga ang rating ng Zaido ahaha! =)