Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday with Sean

Last time, I presented my newest nephew here- Santino Rylle. Now, its time to give way to the Kuya (older brother). Yesterday (Sunday), Sean and I with my sister went out to escape a lazy afternoon. What we did is just to feed this little boy with all of the happy foods (pop-corn, cotton candy, hotdogs, corn "thingnamajing" and other stuff.)

Now, I want to share just three of the photos I took of Sean. I used MyPhone for this, so forgive me for the low resolution. Take note guys, that these are all unedited.

(sigh...) This dude is growing fast.

In connection to this, I am actually contemplating on taking photography seriously. But its a long-shot goal as of the moment because it entails a lot of pre-requisites. But, I'll place this on my "go-goal" list.

Hmmm... I think I should focus more on human subject. What do you think?


Earvin said...

Hmmmm. Pwede ka rin Kuya mag-focus sa humans...pero ako magiging subject. Toinks! Joke lang.

Okey din naman ang humans, pero Okey din naman kahit hindi. Depende sa'to yun. Wehehehe.

the menace said...

hahah pwede naman yan.

i need to buy a camera muna na "full throttle" and angas.heheh