Friday, February 8, 2008

I like breast

My mom and I always have this talk every night about anything that is conceived by our minds.Most of the time its about the news, her favorite tv drama, our obnoxious neighbors or my stinking bed sheets =) But, just recently we discussed about breast feeding. My eldest sister is a mom of two cute dudes now, so you cant blame us plungging in to breast feeding discussions. From this talk, I discovered that I never drunk formula milk during my infant stage. My mom told me that I refused to take bottled milk. This also made me remember of that Congress issue about banning formula milk advertisements that makes people think that formula milk is packed with all nutrients necessary for infant growth (though these ads always say "Breastmilk is still Best for babies).

I never caught any serious disease or illness before so, I'd say that breastfeeding is really good for infants. It proved beneficial for me.

So, if your a mom, or maybe a "soon-to-be mom", my recommendation is for you to give your child your own milk product. More than the quality nutrients you can give, its the bond that is naturally created between mother and child when breastfeeding that is really really surreal.