Monday, February 18, 2008

Top 10 Most Popular Pinoy In the Internet

Yesterday, “ ANG PINAKA” – of Qtv 11 listed the Top 10 Most Popular Pinoy in the Internet. The selection was done by the panelists that are experts on this field. Delamar, a DJ from Monster Radio RX 93.1 is one of the panelists. Now, to serve as an inspiration to those bloggers who aim for fame and as an “updater” to those who missed the show, here is the top 10 Most Popular Pinoy in the Internet.

10. Jason Diva
Close your eyes and listen intently, and you too will say that Regine Velasquez can now rest for a while and Jason can save her butt. People started viewing Jason on Youtube because of "his/her/his/her" voice that closely resembles the voice of Asia’s Songbird.

9. Talibong1
This unknown fellow made a subtitle or lets say, translation of the famous movie “300” from English to Ilonggo. This is super funny to think that the acting and the story plot is so serious and then you’ll hear them speak a Filipino vernacular. This is no novel idea but it sure did strike the laugh trigger of us, Filipinos.

8. Alicia Mayer
She was known before as Alicia Bonifacio. She started with this website that features her ever sexy photos. People started noticing her and then FHM heard the buzz and the rest is in deed, history. Now, Alicia Mayer is a household name and a “good-dish” perceived by most men.

7. Arnel Pineda
A local lead man of a low profile band in the Philippines, but when the world famous band, Journey noticed his great voice and performance, Arnel Pineda is now on his way to owning a world-class fame.

6. Dino Ignacio
A graphic designer that made the witty and prolific site called “Bert is Evil”. It so controversial, the site was unfortunately defunct. But, Mr. Ignacio continues to make really good creations in the United States.

5. Charice Pempengco
Seen her on Ellen Degeneres? I did. Oh well, who missed it anyways? She gained this instant fame after one of her anonymous fan under the name “false Voice” posted her performance video on Youtube.

4. Rex Navarette
Though he pioneered his career in America, every Pinoy still knows him. His creations “SBC Packers and “Maritess and the Superfriends” are really comedy geniuses that already endured so many stereotypes.

3. Alyssa Alano
The singing wonder, and she was tagged as such for you will really wonder every time she sings. Her famous song Kiss Me sung by her as “Keys Me” made every Filipino bounce into laughter.

2. Christine Gambito
The Happy Slip. I just love her- Beautiful face, witty mind, interesting family, and fab personality. She is a “one-woman” production that has already gained 30 million hits in Youtube and is now one of those sharing the revenues of the site.

1. Dancing Prisoners of Cebu
Talk about making our country proud. It may seem ironic for prisoners to make such act that amazed the world, but the outcome that it ignited is sure worth flushing the doubt. Dance, Dance orange people! Way to go. Opsss they might mis-interpret this as an invitation to escape, I hope not.=)

Now, if you were intrigued by this list, go on and Google or Youtube them now. Get inspiration from them and start owning your own internet fame.