Monday, February 4, 2008

You've been teased!

Yes, here we go again.
Another addition to our greenfields here. I searched the net domain to find a good affiliate in this blog. So, after a tideous search and humungous deliberation, I finally found the right one to join my writing and ahm blogging stint here. This "character" shall help me articulate more on the things that are happening around our society but are too vague for us to see or absord. I'd say this "character" is the hardcore menace. Don't worry guys, this buddy of mine is currently undergoing a strict training and soon enough he'll blabber here on our fields. And yes, I will dare show this "character's" face to you. So, keep on raiding my field and I am out to try my best to make it even better towards greatness. Amen. ;)