Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stop and Stare

Whenever I see people in thin dirty clothes roaming around the streets with blank faces, I can't help but feel sorry for them. At the same time, the idea of the world being so unfair always sparks up. I know that it is hard to live each day worrying what to eat or whar food to order for lunch. But, imagine the agony of these street people having the ordeal of dreaming to eat even just a piece of bread. I really strikes me. I would always stop and stare and be thankful that I was born with a family that can provide my needs. I am lucky. I am thankful. They say that everytime we feel the hunger, a cell in our brain dies. So, imagine being hungry all your life. I just don't get the point of food being a basic need, but some people are challenged to acquire it. We can always find a lot of factors to blame for this. But, I believe that what we have right now are all products of what we have done in the past. But, always I will hope that we will soon have a government that is aware and disturbed of our current situation.

It is really easy to help. We are always intrigued by those people preaching inside public vehicles asking for donations for their hospitalized love one. We always think that they are all forms of bad syndicates or evil gimmicks. But, what if the person is really in need? If you're a working individual, would you mind sharing some coins to help?

here's an article that i read from just this morning

In the UK, The Guardian (June 5, 2007) reports:
As 70 percent of Filipinos have inadequate access to clean water, the result it a public health disaster. Every year, according to the World Health Organization, some 16,000 Filipino children die as a result of inappropriate feeding practices.
Tempest in a Milkbottle and Other Harangues Against Advertising Aimed at Children by Cid Reyes

and this is one good time to say "reality bites, hard."

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