Thursday, February 7, 2008

Never been "Ash-crossed"

Today,the whole of the Chinese community is celebrating a red tag day for the entrance of the year of the rat. They say that this year will be prosperous in terms of the economy and money matters. But in contrast, politics will slide deeply (or let's just say, deeper) into the holes of controversies and mockery.

But this post is not for the Chinese New year. It is not intended to mock politics too. I just wnat to express my great frustration of not having to attend any Ash Wednesday since I reached the age that I already have the knowledge of my religion. Okay, dont throw some hate mails yet. Like what I said a while back, I am frustrated. Its not because of time that I cant attend these past masses, I'd say its the opportunity that I always lack or lose towards attending this event. Now, I know that there is no greater reason for me to miss my obligations to my religion, but I dont consider it as a lapse of capacity to celebrate my religion.

So you see, in the past 21 years of my life, I have never experienced having that ash crossed in my forehead. I always feel alienated everytime this event arrives- imagine seeing all the Catholic population having this ash crosses on their forehead?

I am just so eager to attend this mass next year and feel my religion closer to me.

39 days to go and its Holy week again. Long vacation right? I know your planning your own way of spending this vacation. I just hope that all of us will bring our Lord in our hearts wherever we go.