Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We know the MRT before to be fast, comfortable and convenient mode of transportation in the Metro. But now that it is too known and "well-used", dont even try asking anyone if the first statement is still true. I am really disappointed on how MRT turned out to be perceived as exhausting and stressful. I dont even think its just a perception anymore.

I had my own share of this MRT dilemma. Riding The MRT from Ayala to North during the rush hour is really a "tradegy". It is accepatable to be pushed or squeezed during this rush hour day-part. What's unacceptable is seeing old ladies and pregnant women being hurt in this train "ghetto", plus some female riders being sexually-harrased. I cant really express it in words, so here is my list of those obscure acts, events, or people inside the train warfare:

1. People pushing each other during the train stop just to get ahead of others. I understand that people avoid the delay, but we can all calm down and keep ourselves from getting hurt. Right?
2. People skipping the lines of MRT card. Whoah! talk about dirty moves.
3. People fighting inside the train just because of stepping at each other's foot. How lame and childish.
4. People who looks like live mug shots with crooked and mad faces. You will just wonder what the hell is wrong with them.
5. People with MP3 players or music phones in loud speaker mode. Really annoying.
And of course,
6. People with strong Vanilla perfume that mixes with the smell of sweat. Oh my, quit it! Please.

This are just some of the many faces inside the "train warfare". I refuse to list them all, for I might lose the urge to stop. Anyways, here are my personal helpful tips to combat this "ordeal" in the train.
1. Be sure to buy your "stored-value" card if your a frequent rider. Believe me, it will save you time plus it will give you an escape from the looooooooooooooooong linesssssssss.

2. Be sure that your packages and bags are well-secured. Snatchers alert!

3. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

4. Bring gas mask, in case the odor ignites to something unbearable.

5. Whether your a guy or a girl, take care of your "sensitive parts" and be sure that only someone you adore touches them.=)
Now, I hope this post will help you guys to do the "Commuterama" way of life better and safer!
Happy train trip everyone!