Wednesday, February 27, 2008

People Power Vs. The Oscars

February 25 marked two solid events in the Philippines and the United States the People Power Celebration and the 80th Oscars Awards. Ironic, it may seem that these events are almost extremes. People Power here in the Philippines commemorates the heroes of modern revolution in giving our country the liberty against dictatorship. The Oscars in the United States on the other hand, is deemed as a glamorous event celebrated by famous people in honoring the finest acts of movies all over the world.

The similarity among the two is that they both disappointed me.

It was not a hardcore disappointment with Oscars though, because I was really rooting for Kate Blanchet to win an award from her two nominations. Unfortunately, Kate walked home with nothing, but I am still grateful that Oscars still lives up to its prominence of dishing out surprise winners.

And of course one huge “sighhhh” for The People Power Revolution, because I know that this is a symbolism of an undying cycle that keeps our country from growing. We play by the principle of “Elect president, see malicious acts, rally, elect a president, and then rally again.” It will all be the same until one genuine person of service and God-fear will arise to lead us. And we will all just create a change within our individual system; maybe we can build an event like Oscars too.


zherwin said...

the movers and shakers of Edsa 1 are still the movers and shakers of today, minus the credibility!

sad but true. power indeed corrupts. said...


ganon talaga.

just keep on blogging na lang :)

have a nice day!