Friday, February 1, 2008


Last December, I was caught by the latest trend of the new face of mobile phone technology- the dual sim. Two sims active in one mobile phone system. I did wish for mother technology to bring this kind of gadget in the market. And now, here I am telling you how well MyPhone T22Duo is serving me. Let me count the things that I like about this phone, and yes I mean MyPhone:

  • It is practical > this phone makes the word mobile real mobile. I have two lines active in one phone that I am carrying. I can receive calls from both lines. I can also access the numbers of both lines because there is a single phonebook memory.

  • It is an energy-saver > Before, when I was joggling two units, there are times when I need to charge both phones at one time. Now, I need to charge one phone na lang. Plus MyPhone kit comes with a desktop charger and USB charger- see? talk about choices.

  • Camera and Music > This phone can run MP3, mP4 and many audio formats. And this two are my basic requirements in choosing my phone.

Now, there are a lot more things to discover about this phone. I haven't explored that much yet ( hey what? it has been with me for a month, what do you expect a bum like will do? =) Plus, I haven't loaded it up with an external memory yet, so donations anyone?


val said...

Interesting - almost as cool as your site!.i think the look and feel of it is beautiful.. i would love to have it in my hand! hehehehe ;D

guevara said...

its nice talaga val