Thursday, February 14, 2008

Black Hearts?

I dont know what's wrong with Valentines this year, but I just noticed that not so many people wore red today. Not that I am expecting the world to be red today, but I am expecting Lovers or Love aficionados to be blunt about celebrating Valentines day. Am I getting this idea that red as a Valentine color is now outdated or ahm adulterated? Or is it the infection of Clear shampoo's Black Valentine Campaign? Hmmm can we now use any color to carry the message of Valentines? Oh well, this is not really the focus of this post.=)

This Valentines, I know a lot of people will obtain "Valentine tags". And here, I will present my list of characters that can possibly exist this love love and love day.

The Traditional Happy Lovers.
This kind has already endured the test of time and splurts of bad attitude manifested by each other. They are soooo comfortable with each other, they can fart and burp even if they are near each other. Today, they will see each other after their individual engagements and go directly to a fancy food house and simply celebrate their love.

The Flirt
This kind does not stick to one partner. They are too amazed by their looks, they tend to share it to all good-looking people with the aim of finding their best fit partner on the basis of looks and sexual appeal only. They are so much drawn to their fetish. Beware.

The Losers
This kind posted their profiles in all love connection website there is. They always have that "please bump me into my love tomorrow, please? please? hayyy please?" part in their nightly prayer. They never had a date but wish for one. They never sleazed out, but wish they could. They never experienced having a relationship with a human being. They are never frustrated. And we can expect that they will roam the web and the world to find love.
My heart goes out to these people.

The love makers
I know many areas will be congested today, especially Pasay and Sta. Mesa Because Love makers will surely flock the love houses. These are people that meet only every heart's day to express just how 'intense' their love is. They are all passionate and they're always 'expressive' about what they feel. They can also be too graphical when they "kiss and Tell". They usually keep some "explicit" content in their mobile babies.
Red hot.

The " I don't Care"
This is my favorite category. People who dont care at all. They know no special sentiment about Valentines. They will consider this day as a normal one- boring even. They find dating funny and maybe senseless. They are full of blank emotions.They are very passive. They will not laugh at good jokes. They will not praise good food or awesome dance numbers. They will not turn their head into people who are supposedly tagged as "head-turners". They are basically dry. But they are dead full of character.
No glory.

Now, where do you belong?
I'm not telling my category.=)
Everyone, from my greenfields to your hearts, Happy Valentines day!

Hmmm, I'm still wondering why not so many people are wearing red today...


Anonymous said...

hi denis.. honestly,, i dont know which category do i belong... im a combination of some.. hahaha..

well,, i never had a real date during heart's season but i always celebrate it with my friends.. and YOU were suppose to be with us last nyt.. haha.. and yah,, yah,, i know you will rebut on this.. dont worry,, you are forgiven.. hehe..

how i wish i had a dinner with my mom/family too.. huhuhu