Saturday, February 16, 2008

Menace say Thanks.

They say giving gratitude is just so human. Appreciation of all the things that we receive everyday is beneficial in order for us to be happy with the things that we currently have. It is not forbidden to aspire for things that can keep us moving, but there is this greater joy in living every moment that comes into our lives with a significant level of appreciation.

According to Men's Health Philippines (February 2008 edition), We gain greater amount of optimism everytime we pay gratitude to everything we receive- good things or bad things.

So as my manifestation of my belief of positive attitude towards everything, it will be a weekly routine now for me to pay my thanks yous(sssssssssssss).

For this week, I would like to thank for:

1. My family's health, especially my mama recovering from her really bad cough.
2. My sister for lending me the money to buy my phone's Micro-SD memory.
3. Makoy for giving his constructive critisms about my blog.
4. The payday =)
5. For you, my raiders, for the continuous support and readership in our Greenfields.

Thank God for this life and everything that comes with it.=)
So start paying your gratitude now. I tell you, its really good for the heart. =)