Saturday, February 9, 2008

"I always drink it everytime."

From another hot television commercial that caught my ever receptive attention.

" I always drink it everytime."

This is from a health supplement product that stars Ms. Charlene Gonzales as the endorser.

Again, I am not saying that its wrong, but I can't help having this strange feeling everytime I hear it. I just think that its a repitition of thought to use "always" and "everytime" in this specific phrase I stated above.

Now, I'll leave it all to you again. Is there a sting of error in this statement?


Makoy said...

eto na naman tayo. :)

Earvin said...

Ako marami rin akong mali-mali sa grammar....

Dar_Ling said...

thx 4 dropping by my blog. ur welcome anytime. =)