Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Para kay Dom.

This post is dedicated to our dear kabarkada (friend) Dominique Ramos. He left today for California which left us, his kabarkadas sad and half-hearted. Half-hearted because were happy and sad for him. Happy because its for his future and career growth that hes leaving. At the same time we're all sad because it really feels like we parted from a brother. We occasionally hold gatherings and it really gives us renewed sense of our bond and friendship. Iba na talaga 'pag kulang. Iba na din talaga 'pag alam mong di makakapunta kasi busy lang sa di makakapunta kasi hes continents away.
We gave him a send-off party, but we still feel that time went so fast. Now, our occasional celebrations and house parties will be incomplete. But, we all have to keep our hopes high that Dom will be back, that we will all be complete and rock the memories of our hey days again!
Dom, from me and the rest of us ingat and do good. Mag-aantay kaming lahat!


Anonymous said...

teary eyed while reading, cant help it.another event of our lives that challenges our friendship,our oneness,our bond.sad but true..but we need to accept and move on.. someday, we'll meet him again,but when will it be?.. 'till we meet again my cousin,my younger brother,my playmate,my classmate and my friend... god bless