Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Smokers Galore

Hey everyone, Bong Sumbong here! Its Wednesday so here I am drawing first blood of my “Bong Tipster Sumbong” chronicles. To start my side-blogging gig here on the Greenfields I want to discuss with you those filthy, insensitive, stupid smokers. Hey, forgive me for the blunt words, I am really furious!
One time, I am on a hurry, I decide to ride the jeepney. I placed my butt in the passenger seat and another not so good smelling guy sat beside me. Then the passengers started flocking and shouting and blabbering and shouting more and blabbering more. Then the most inevitable thing happened, the driver and my seatmate lighted their cigars and started puffing like crazy monkeys with the lowest rate of emotional quotient. Worst is that I felt like I consumed every smoke that they emitted. What a real bad trip, as I may put it.
I’m sure smokers are aware that side smokers are at higher risk of getting more sickness and complications. So, I hope that these people will gain some responsibility of smoking in proper areas. I heard that TV commercials for cigars are now prohibited, and so as the billboards. I am getting some high hopes that soon, smoking will be banned.

No offense, responsible smokers.


georgemaldita said...

i agree with boy sumbong!!
smokers should and must know the right place for smoking..
it irritates me and my fragile lungs when i inhale the nicotine of the irresponsible smokers..