Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sakto lang


With the advent of Cell phones and internet chat, we tend to coin words (or different spelling for words) to create variation or say things that can only be expressed through our personally-coined terms. Lets start with Internet chatting; Terms used in this domain has become a “by-line” for many of us. Say for an example, The term LOL or laughing out loud was used to create a comedy relief in one of Sun Cellular’s TV commercial. Some people use BRB even in personal conversations to say that will leave for a while but be back in just a sec. For hardcore YM users, ASL is too prevalent in getting to know the what abouts of their so-called strange friends. The chat domain also started the terms EB ( eyeball) and GEB ( group eyeball) and this interesting acronym SEB ( oppz you know what it is). It goes out to say that with sleazy matters, SOP has been long defuncted. Ha Ha Ha.

Now lets go to Cell phone terms. We all use He He He or Ha Ha Ha to signify our laughing reaction to the text we received. We can also use a smiley emoticon or Ha Ha Ha/ He He He again to say that what we just sent is a joke or that its nothing serious. One thing that really annoys me is when people change the spelling to the point that it cant be understood. The text language has also paved the way to giving wrong answers to questions like; Q : “san ka Na?” A: “malapit na”. Some may use terms that are beyond ordinary just to sound cool or new like Orayt, Olryti, Aryt which all means Alright or I agree. One funny thought is the spelling of OKAY; from the right spelling OKAY to OKEY and then OK to Otei and it can be understood by simply typing “K”.

Within our personal get goes, some terms are also being coined like “angas” or “astig” which mean super or cool or maybe fantastic. Now, this is actually the most prevalent one these days, which is actually quite confusing – answering “pwede na” or “sakto lang” when asked with a yes or no question.

Tama ba yun? ( is that right?)


Zang Caesar said...

haha.. your post footer image reminds me of being so against the "u" and "me" text phenomenon, like "where u na", "dito na me" that i easily get turned off to those who sent me the messages, and sometimes I think this one (sender) may just be a commoner, or the ordinary, uneducated people. sorry to say, but that's really what crosses my mind.. hehe

Anonymous said...

actually, medyo naiinis ako sa text speak. kaya kahit na sa text, i tend to spell the words out kahit medyo mahaba na.

ayoko kasing basahin yung mga "q" instead of "ko". yung mga ganon ba.

the donG said...

asteeg!!! ganito na nga ang mga text ngayon. meron pang "will do". dati nung college pa ako ASL pa ang uso sa chat. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

yeah right. pero ako i prefer minsan na magtext ng buo ang speling, ano pa silbi ng unlimited kung hindi mo naman susulitin ang characters ayt? at talagang kumukulo ang dugo ko sa mga taong ang OA mag txt., haha.. like kua for kuya, chige for sige, chalap for sarap.. eww talaga.. hehe. sa chat ok lang, i use those brb, lol, gtg thingy hehe..

amicus said...

hindi ko talga maintindihan pag sinasagot ako ng "sakto lang." gaano ba ang sakto lang? kainis. hehe
padaan po. :)