Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Say Whatever!

The industry of consumer goods nowadays is so much populated with different brands trying the catch the attention of people in order to sell. The cola or soft drink industry is one that is practically confusing because of so many brands fighting to have their bottles emptied and consumed. We know two brands already dominate this beverage race, so new players find ways to stand out and be noticed. One new beverage brand that I know of is Whatever and Anything. Okay, I know that you are thinking that the brand names are as good as not naming them at all. The logic behind these names according to the makers is that they noticed people in food establishments saying whatever or anything whenever they were asked about the drinks they want to take. Hmm very clever I’d say. Because it will surely become a by-line and that is actually one of the most powerful advertising forces-The word of mouth.

I just wish that they will soon be here in the country or are they already here? Does someone know anything or whatever about this? ++


Islander said...

interesting. should they attempt to capture the market, they should match it with the mouth-watering taste. something that consumers would crave to buy over and over again.