Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the MAKOY brand.

Blogging has certainly created a significant buzz in the society as many bloggers maximize their freedom for speech through blogging. Blogs these days go beyond mere personal accounts and documentaries, and this is the reason for a congested blog land. Well, I am not complaining. I mean, this should be good because this basically means that Filipinos are really mobile and educated. The problem is that it’s very easy to make a blog; all you need is a little drive for technology plus some of your “blabbers” and you’re good to go. But what some people don’t realize is that blogs should also be stuffed with quality writings. (By saying “quality” doesn’t mean superior grammar or magnified composition) Just like TV, radio and print; a blog is also a form of media, so it is crucial to make a blog that is worthy to read. And talk about worthy reads? I know this blogger who has all that; meet Makoy, the certified blogger. Now, don’t go raising eyebrows because the person does have the right to claim the “certified blogger” tag. His blog is like a hybrid of everything that is essential; I can’t say that it’s just a personal blog, because there are a lot more insights in his blog that goes beyond personal. Now for me to further substantiate why I think he is a certified blogger, here are my reasons:
Making a difference: Makoy’s blog contains all the essential insights a normal urbanite needs. From lifestyle to politics to entertainment and pop culture, the blog is loaded only with the substantial information that are good as a “brain munch”.
Artistry: Makoy’s writing style is very consistent; it’s straightforward but nevertheless is it dull. I am also a fan of his simple humor that can strike your witty bones. The layout and graphics are also legibly done and the whole blog is not heavy in the eye.
Kindred to bloggers: Makoy helps other bloggers, especially the new ones; everyone in the blogsphere is a witness of how he shares his knowledge to everyone. He is in deed very human. I also commend him for putting his personal life in his blog because it really takes a lot of guts to put your life in an open media.
On the right track: They say that you are what you eat and therefore you are what you read. Having a daily dose of Makoy’s insights will surely make you updated with the events and happenings in the current get-go. It will surely help you talk with sense.
Yes to brand!:Makoy has already created a brand in the blog land. Just like in advertising’s brand race; toothpaste is Colgate, soap is Safeguard, fast-food is Jollibee, coffee is Nescafe and blog is Makoy’s Memoirs of a certified blogger.
And as a brand, I think that Makoy’s blog can endure the test of time because he has the capability to always create good elements in his blog, plus I heard that he has this strong number of loyal readers. Hmmm are we talking about girl fan groups here? :)


Makoy said...

thanks for joining my $50 contest! nice review!

the menace said...

ayt! more power sir!

Richard the Adventurer said...


Adventure na nga lang tayo!

Zang Caesar said...

w0w. galing ng review na to! i bet eto ang mananalo. hehehe...

the menace said...

si zang talaga oh