Saturday, April 26, 2008

iblog 4

This is it!

Today is the most awaited day of Bloggers and Blog enthusiasts all over the Metro as Iblog4 summit takes place right at this very moment. Yes guys, I am one of the attendees and this is my first time ever to attend a summit of bloggers. I actually doubt if I should really be there because I’m sure that it will be packed with bloggers who hold uber super blogs that are well visited and well ranked by search engines. Who am I to mingle with these people? Oh well, its worth the try, besides the organizers made me feel welcome and secured. He He He thanks to you guys! I shall blog about the summit next time so keep coming here guys.

I am looking forward to learning awesome stuffs about blogging and also to meet new people to whom I can share insights with. So here’s one loud cheer of Kudos for Iblog4!


Kris Canimo said...

tsk, too bad. late ko na nalaman. :(
add ko na lang link mo maya. good luck sa iblog!

walkinginthefields said...

nakagreen ka ba kanina? haha.

labo. i was there. pero, mukha akong antisocial. haha.

danieljr said...

hmm, ndun dapat ako eh!! toink.. ang aga ko nagpa register, I was kind of excited for a while. but then I had to go home yesterday dito sa bulacan.. ayun.. anyhow, theres always a next time. :l

the donG said...

astig! i actually missed it as i was in a training. good for you. looking forward to that post.

Kris Canimo said...

Added u :D