Thursday, April 3, 2008

100 Blabbers


I have reached my 100th post since I started blogging 5 months ago. Though I think that it’s still quite a bummer but I’d consider this as an achievement that I shall celebrate as it marks a new season for The Greenfields. I can’t help but feel the euphoria just thinking that I have this domain where I can put into writing the things that just bugs my mind or my thoughts on events or anything that happens around me. I have always been happy with writing because it gives me the chance to speak my mind out. I am also glad that I have gained many blogger friends that helped me improve my site and also for giving me the insights that are necessary to make a good page. Sa mga taong ito, alam nyo na kung sino kayo at maraming salamat talaga.
Now, I am looking forward to more developments in my site. I also aim to put more interesting write ups. I still don’t have a strong network of loyal readers but I hope that you guys will soon see my site as an addiction you can’t live without. (Oh yeah, dream on Denis. haha)
All hail for the Green Fields!


ELEY said...

congratz on your 100th blog entry. looking forward for more informative and thought provoking views! - lalaksut