Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brian Gorell Hysteria

I think that most of us already heard or know about this blog authored and syndicated by Brian Dorell, an Australlian blogger who is running a site that is currently a hot stuff here in the Philippines because it basically tackles the lives of High profile people in the society in a not so pleasant taste. The young blog has already received 2 million hits and is currently getting tons and tons of comments and Paypal donations. According to Brian, this blog aims to hit those people who have done him wrong in order for them to pay for their bad doings. This issue sparked up so bright that our local media has already spawned to tell the story. ABS-CBN and a local radio station did an interview of Brian Dorell respectively. Now, will all of this high buzz, the Philippine government was alarmed about the growing numbers of blogs and is now planning to pass a bill that will censor Philippine blog sites. It is in the light of copyright and responsible blogging that they will focus on. They want to end blogs that cause attacks to personalities without proof or concrete basis.
It is just fair to create a law that shall moderate the contents of blogs in order to make sure that we take care of the credibility of the World Wide Web. It is really a matter of honest writing and clean motives that we can all continue to have this great freedom to express ourselves. As a blogger, I would always advocate the saying – “with great freedom comes a greater responsibility.”


Lawstude said...

I partially agree but will this bill include blogs only?

techno breather said...

I agree with the Freedom with responsibility part. Blogging is totally the hype now and everyone shares an opinion, may it be true or not which is not at all good since people are sometimes gullible of everything in the internet. A lot of scares and hoax started in blogs, and what you mentioned about using blog for vengeance is indeed wrong.

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