Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eastwood, Cars and Bumblebee

new Old!

One night out with friends at Eastwood City, I saw this super astig Volkswagen contemporary model. Its is soooo cool and you will automatically conjure the thoughts of Bumblebee( though he was a Chevy in the movie). Ha Ha Ha. Anyways, after a few moments, a car arrived and parked on the side of the Volks ; and Whoah! It is the vintage version of Volkswagen. Coming out from the car is a family of 6. Man, this car is really efficient and spacious. I know you guys heard about the exhibit of Gazilions of Volks all over the Metro and I’d say that the idea is way beyond great!
As for me, I find Volkswagen cute but I would still go for the delicious looks of Mazda 3 Sudan and/or ( ohoi! Parang ang yaman!) Suzuki Swift. Both of these cars I want to have in color white. Save save to get get some astig points. Ha Ha Ha.


Anonymous said...

oohh. fancy those cars? oo nga. dagdag pogi points yun :D Parang yellow cars are in these days.. pansin ko lang..