Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Lolas are back!

The Lolas are back and they are on to put more color to the music industry. Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Madonna are all back with their albums that aim to refresh the memory of their fans. So move over chill-out-song singers because the divas are back with a vengeance. Mariah just recently ousted Manong Elvis in the race for the most number of Billboard number one hits! Janet is back with a more electrifying music and have you seen her new music video? It is A-awesome! Madonna is also on the track to go with the flow of the Pop battle and she might just put Britney Spears back into oblivion.

So, for those who really fancy these Lolas, it’s really their time to get your hearts again. I don’t really like any of them but hey, writing about them can be really interesting. Oh, well I had an LSS with Mariah’s touch my body- “I will hunt you down!” hahaha sweet!

Lola : grandmother


paolo said...

Lolz! Ang tanda na nila...

aj said...

cool blog. :)

matanda na per pwedeeee... :P

the menace said...

@ paolo and aj:

aminin nyo heads will still turn pag dumaan sila! hahah