Friday, April 4, 2008

TOTO live in Manila!

Thanks to the kind hearts of my friend Mary and her significant other, Jeffrey (who works for top 40 shirts); I scored a free premium ticket to the TOTO concert in Araneta Coliseum last night. It was in deed a blast because the fact that I am not really that accustomed to TOTO music was really immaterial. Okay, TOTO is not my generation but I have heard some of their songs and I have to admit that I was once hitted by the LSS syndrome for “Gorgy porgy.” TOTO really has this magic for good music. There are a lot of moments during the concert where people will just be silent and experience every beat and tune that the band will dish out. It is notable to know that TOTO has the fourth best drum player in the world in the person of Simon Philips and of course the best guitar player in the world, Steve Lukather. We were all jumping up and down our feet as they play their legendary hits like “I’ll be over you” and “Rossana”. To my generation, these are the songs that are popular to us.
Now to better articulate the exhilarating experience I had in the concert, here are the photos taken predominantly by Mary and some by Jeffrey.

Yes, I did it guys. I felt happy, I got cranky, I hopped in and danced like crazy. TOTO was utterly infectious and there are no age boundaries or even generation gaps.

Now, Swing Out Sisters will perform this Monday April 08, 2008 at 8PM and of course I'm hoping to hitch with my lover friends again... Right Mary and Jeffrey? hahaha.


Anonymous said...

Sugoi!(super great, well done) denis san..
Honto ni Arigato Gozaimas( Thank You very much)

georgemaldita said...

yeah.. i love the lolas at the back.. they are dancing and singging since they know most of the songs.. hehe.. TOTO are soooo "GALING".. the drummer, guitarist, even "dumbuldore" the basist and all the members of the band are really good..

in short we had fun.. hehe..
mon ulit..:D

Abou said...

toto is great.

lucky you.

Mystique said...

Toto and Swing Out Sisters in Manila? Cool..but are they still cool in the US?

I hope we are not the only ones patronizing them.

the donG said...

huli yata ako sa balita. didn't even know toto was coming.

the menace said...

@ the dong hehe. at least we have pictures to treasure.hahah