Thursday, April 17, 2008


(please dont ask me what the title means, just keep reading)
What a day!

I have this pants that is like my all-time favorite that even if it’s a little short in length and a little too tight on the hips, I still manage to wear it. I bought this pair of pants with my own money and it is just so comfortable to wear. So I’m basically trying to say that its hard for me to stop using it. Until yesterday, when a very inevitable incident happened_ the zipper was broken-like totally wrecked because the zipper area swung open. What a dilemma! I was at Trinoma mall that time and I was wearing a corporate smart kind of outfit with my little clutch bag and a notebook. It is so hard to keep it because my top is not that long to cover my crotch area. I have to cover my crotch with my notebook all the time until I got my ride home. Man people are staring at me like they saw a weirdo or something.
Incidents like this really make me cringe in embarrassment and it is really as worst as having a cracking headache. Capital S -stressful! Now should I have this pants repaired or shall I hand it down to some needy fellows?


the donG said...

hahaha... pambihirang araw. buti at hindi pa naman nangyari sa akin ang ganyan.

regarding wearing old pants, ako naman pag may nagustuhan akong pants, bumibili ako ng mahigit sa isa.

the menace said...

heheh mayaman ka kc sir dong! =)

dazedblu* said...

thought it wuz kewl, odd, and funny.. but anyways you manage to keep the feeling and stil stand at the presence of your crotch so it can't be viewed by public if it hapens :) why nut? hehe..

droppin' by and nice blog btw.

the menace said...

whew! it was hard hiding the crotch!++


keep it! di ba may sentimental value sa u yun?

pwede mo pang ipamana sa mga apo mo yun. lol.