Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chivalry is dead

hey listen... ( oh I mean read.)
I had this one bus ride experience to tell. I was so tired that day and was already heading home. Upon my entry to the bus, it was occupied only by few people but a few moments later it transformed into a vehicle full of rushing people. It was a Friday so I expected the traffic to be heavy. I was seated near the window with a middle-aged woman. Two ladies were standing by our section with an obvious faces of disgust because they are standing in a tight vehicle while men (yeah including myself) were seating comfortably on their chairs (some are even snoozing away). Now back to the two ladies; it is so evident that they were annoyed by their situation. Then after two minutes of their silence, one of them blurted out “ hay naku! Wala na talagang gentleman sa mundo! Yung iba nagtutulog-tulugan pa!” ( What a shame! Chivalry is really dead! Some men here even pretend they are sleeping!) Man, it did affect me because they are right on my section and I was the only guy on that area. They may be right, but forgive me for some men can be tired sometimes. My principle on this issue is to give seats to old women, pregnant girls, and people in general who looks sick and unable. Please excuse me for this, but women who are so physically able wont get that from me- they’re asking for equally right? So this is equality. I find it rude and insensitive for these two girls to actually assert things that are too insensible.
Don’t get me wrong guys, I do have this high regards for women but just drop the “attitude” and admit that vulnerability is always part of anybody’s life. Now, you may ask what I did after hearing the statement above. I simply looked at them, closed my eye, and leaned on the comfortable back rest of the seat and snooze away!


dazedblu* said...

Definitely I agree.. Have the same principles too!

I could give a way respect for a woman who knows how to handle such things but if she insists that way! f*ck up.. she's a moron,

And if every woman states with that issue, I wish all of them to die :) haha. (rude no?)

Laura said...

It's a shame you didn't initiate a heated discussion - could have been very entertaining to read about :)
Don't get em' two females... how arrogant can one get?