Thursday, April 3, 2008

Half Price not Half Rice!

I got this title from a rally photo I saw earlier today from one of the prominent broadsheets here in the Metro. We all know that the government is calling on to people to cut short on their rice consumption. They are actually promoting meals without rice to all Juan dela Cruz( normal Filipino). Are they basically turning our table times American? Many food establishments are now offering half servings of rice in their menu. According to some, this will not only help the Rice crisis but will also pave way to the many requests of their customers to have half-rice. Normal Filipinos with blue collar jobs need energy to perform their tasks and the most affordable food to fuel them with energy is rice of course. It is a fact that Filipinos consider rice as the most important part of a meal.

I think that it is not bad to cut short on our rice consumption but people holding direct responsibilities on this matter shall take a more serious study on the problem that can lead them to having other creative solutions. You know one thing that’s funny with this issue? The fact that Philippines is an agricultural country importing rice from countries who learned growing rice from our own land.


Abou said...

i can live without rice. i can live without carbs.