Wednesday, April 9, 2008

dear daniel

Yes people!

this bud is the infamous significant other of the Sanrio Diva, Hello Kitty. It is my nephew's christening this coming Sunday so my sister and I raved the malls and looked for the best christening clothes for Santino. Upon browsing through the clothes in the infant and kids section of Landmark, i saw this picture of Dear Daniel. Its lame I know ,but it was my first time to see the dude. I haven't had the urge to google him around and see how high Hello Kitty's standards are when it comes to men. Oh well, it is in deed okay, wont you agree?

he's cute right? Ahaha don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan and I'm not like what you are thinking. Ahahaha.


REYAH said...

Now i know, hello kitty have a the way, i would like to exchange link, i already added your blog..mine is:

Abou said...

hello kitty lang kilala ko...

paolo said...

Hello. You previously dropped by my website regarding our blogging project. Just wanted to invite you again. Details at the website.

I really hope you could participate. Thanks. =)

the donG said...

it's also my first time to see dear daniel. what else can they think of next time? maybe if it will be a pinoy version it might be
"mabuhay pedro"
"musta kikay"

what do you think?

happy christening to santino!

Earvin said...

I know him, but I never really knew who he is! Now I know, si Dear Daniel pala siya. Yes, may pandagdag na ako sa mga favorite ko na sina Domo-kun at Gloomy Bear! ARIGATOU!