Monday, April 21, 2008

The Perfect Match Box

All cheers!
Yesterday, my friend Monalisa and her significant other Gregg finally settled down after more than a decade of being together. It is actually quite a bankable joke to say that they practically made each other grow because they have been together since grade school. The church ceremony was solemn, emotional and funny; Funny, because the couple were very candid in delivering their vows and in saying their response to the priest’s questions. It is quite a thought knowing that a friend of my contemporary now passed the first stage of building a family. It got me thinking on who among us will tie the knot next? Ha ha ha.
Moving along, thinking a good gift for Mona and Gregg was not that easy. It actually took long talks on who the who will share for group gifts. Finally, I had the chance to shop for a gift last Saturday with my other friend Liway. My idea is to make a perfect match box that will contain men and women articles for bed time. I thought of having them all in green since I recall green is Mona’s favorite color. I bought pair of boxers, slippers and hand towels plus male facial wash and Dove body soap. To make it more personal, I did some cut outs from glossies to create tags for the gift. It was quite a thrill because it was the first gift to be opened during the reception as a part of documentation. Ayos!

The party was really mad if its okay to understate the crazy people in the reception. The event went all good and the revelaltions from the get-gos of my friends made it even better.


the donG said...

sure it took you some time to finish that. i believe gifts personally made are among the best gifts we can give to our friends.

nice initiative. it surely is priceless.

Anonymous said...

soon, you will.