Saturday, April 12, 2008

No more John

Tsk tsk tsk.
This is really a shocker and a bummer! Michael Johns was eliminated in the latest vote off of Americal Idol. I was really rooting for him for the Top two and it was quite sad to know that America is actually voting on the flip side. I mean, what the crap is Kristy Lee Cook and Syesha Mercado still doing in the competition? They claim to have the most talented batch of idols for this season, but I really don’t see any excitement anymore. Oh well, there still exist the man of David Cook and the man Diva David Archuleta plus the usual mockery of Ryan Seacrest to Simon’s man boobs. So, maybe theres still some reason to watch the show.
To all Michael Johns fan, I feel for you guys! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that he may land a good recording job. Still, Michael Johns rocks.


Abou said...

because they voted out malubay, i'm now rooting for kristy lee cook!