Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Naruto (?!)

Good Lordy!

Gone are the days when I can go home early afternoon and stick my face in front of the television and have a marathon of the many cartoons and adult animation programs. I remember that I was so much of a fan of cartoons back in high school. It was actually the reign of Ghost Fighter and Slam dunk that time and watching these shows will really put you in the center of fad and timely talks. If adults have telenovelas as their habit, we kiddos have cartoons as little dramas which we discuss in between games and street food trips. Now, that Im a little too busy to just sit and watch the TV all afternoon; I am unaware of the new hit cartoon there is. One cartoon is really being talked about by many kids (actually even adults are raving about it). This is not an exaggeration, but I can actually hear people talking about this cartoon everywhere- in the jeep, in Mercury drug store, in restaurants, in public restrooms, and some people even talked about it inside the movie house.
Now tell me, are you watching Naruto too? It is as good as Heroes or Grey’s Anatomy or Prison Break for people to discuss it like a real life drama? Can somebody fill me in with this please?


Islander said...

i sooo love and got hooked with naruto. actually my most favorite anime. i collected naruto stuffs. and more crazy things about naruto.

dunno if its way better than grey's or prison break. they are of different genre. but i can say naruto is very entertaining than them.