Sunday, April 20, 2008

David David


The idols are down to 6. Without Syesha, I’d say that it is an interesting group now. I would rather see Michael Johns replace Ms. Mercado. I am now expecting to see the idols bring out their secret weapons because this is a crucial stage now of the competition. Not to violate the rule of coherence, but please let me pay my loneliest reaction to the “ages” back elimination of Ramiele malubay. She’s just sooo cute and naïve and humble and… ( loooong sigh).
Now, I can finally say that my cheers are for David Archuleta and David Cook. I really hope that they will make it to the final 2 because I would love to see two guys battling it out for the title. Well, I think that they have the so called “real talent” right?
Oh guys, I heard that there might be a Wild card. Could this be possible? Does anyone know any insight about this?



ok yung david na rocker..pero kahit sino na lang... talented naman silang lahat eh.

shaula0pink said...

rock on to the 2 davids!